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Middlesbrough - Transformation

22nd September 2017

"My fitness journey started during my second year of university when I joined the riding club and sadly discovered that I was too heavy for the available horses. In the hopes of losing some weight, I joined Lifestyle Fitness.

From the beginning, I decided to get a Personal Trainer because I knew weight loss would be extremely difficult without proper guidance and discipline. I started working out with Sally 2 times a week and then increased the frequency to 3 times a week.

On top of that, I also went to the gym every day of the week by myself in an effort to sustainably achieve my goal. Maintaining focus, I kept to this workout schedule without fail. All along, throughout the journey, Sally helped not only perfect a dietary plan to follow but also put me through incessant various intense cardio circuit workouts coupled with weight training. We worked on improving form, technique, and mobility.

As the months went by the desired positive changes didn't fail to appear. Not only did the body fat decrease but I also started to become leaner through weight based training sessions.

With time passing by I started to care less about the number on the scales and more about the number of the weights. My long-term goal became about increasing strength and building confidence in my workouts.Cristinas Transformation!

None of this would have been possible without the unlimited support and guidance of my PT. I am very happy and grateful for having had the opportunity to discover a talent and build a passion for something I didn't know anything about prior to joining the gym. As well as getting me in shape it got me feeling good about myself, looking healthier and also improved my posture.

Looking back now I realise that being able to sculpt your own body is the key element that empowers and provides confidence; therefore I will continue in the pursuit, with the horseback riding postponed indefinitely."