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Focus On Measurements Not The Scales!

11th April 2017

Our Middlesbrough club share a transformation story with us from one of our members, showing us why we shouldn't always look at the scales!

With a 5 week difference between the two images, the scales showed Georgia only lost 1lb and it shows by her photos that her measurements say otherwise!

Joe Ayre, a Middlesbrough PT, tracked more than just weight:

  • Measurements, 
  • Photographs,
  • Lifts,
  • Food intake

Had this not have been tracked, then our client may have lost motivation rather than focusing on what did show for her incredible transformation.

Joe quotes "As lifts were going up, measurements were going down and photos were showing progress, there was no need to panic because a number on scales wasn't measuring. Measure and track as many things as possible and you'll be able to see the bigger picture more clearly."

Therefore, don't be disheartened by the number on the scales, focus more on your health and take regular photos of your journey and look at your results from a different perspective! Muscle weighs heavier than fat and therefore scales aren't always the best route! Ask a PT to help measure you if you're unsure how to or ask for advice to improve your gym workouts and focus on your results that way!

Fantastic work from our member Georgia Almond who trains in our Middlesbrough club. Keep up the great work!