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Lifestyle Fitness member sheds 8 STONE!

04th January 2017

After struggling with confidence, one of our members now embraces her weight loss and strives to set new goals after shedding 8 STONE since March 2015! Heather consistently sets herself new targets and has recently smashed a new personal best for squats of 80kg!

We interviewed her about her training plan and how she motivates herself to keep going…

What inspired you to get into fitness?
In the past I've done fitness classes because I could hide at the back, I would never have been seen lifting weights. When I reached my 50lbs weight loss mini-goal, I rewarded myself by signing up for the gym (the old me would have ordered a takeaway, so this was a huge step!!!) I received a free Personal Training session and to my surprise we never went near a piece of cardio equipment. Learning something completely new threw me out my comfort zone and lifting weights while watching myself get stronger as I became smaller became so addictive!

How do you keep yourself motivated through the winter months?
Set myself goals. Small, achievable goals. When I smash one goal, set a new one! This year I'm determined to squat my own body weight, I'm currently squatting 60kg unassisted - SO CLOSE! Working alongside a personal trainer definitely helps me, it gives me someone to be accountable to and someone to help me set goals that I possibly wouldn't set for myself.

How often do you train a week?
I try to do three weight training sessions along with two cardio sessions!

What exercises did you find helped most when losing weight?
When I was losing weight I done three weight training sessions per week alongside two Body Combat classes. Body Combat is something I really love and that's important - if I didn't enjoy what I was doing I'd give up and wouldn't push myself to go. No matter how I'm feeling/what's going on in my life/what the weathers like, I will be at class every single Tuesday and Friday!

Do you stick to a specific diet plan, if so how strict is it?
I still follow the weight watchers plan because it works exceptionally well for me. I do tend to be relatively strict with my diet and try not to eat sweeties/chocolate/crisps/cakes too often as those are trigger foods for me and find if I get the taste for it I start craving. That's not to say I do not eat it at all, of course I do, I'm human! But I plan ahead if I'm going to have a treat and look forward to it instead of binging on it because it's being offered to me. Saying "no, thank you" has become a very empowering tool to me the past 2 years!

How often do you set new goals?
As the goals I like to focus on are small and achievable, goal setting is often a monthly thing. It's important for me to see progress, to not get bored and disheartened. Even if it's just adding a wee extra 1.5kg to something, it's in the right direction. Everyone has to start somewhere after all!

Who inspires you to keep fit?
Everyone and anyone who ever gave me a word of encouragement during my weight loss year. A lot of the support I received from people who were strangers, are now some of my closest friends - through the gym, weight watchers, online community.

Do you mix your workouts up or stick to one type of training?
I like to mix it up, I like to try new things and challenge myself. Even if it's just challenging myself to try a new class - I might loathe it entirely but the fact I've tried it makes me proud of myself.

Has this encouraged you to get involved with other activities?
Absolutely, I did become a very keen runner and found that weight training helped me go a little faster and a little further. I challenged myself to run three 10k's this year and completed two, had to pull out of the Great Scottish Run in October due to injury which was completely heartbreaking and have been told to no longer run. I'm now just trying to focus on becoming fitter, stronger and healthier and intend on looking into some dance classes for 2017.

How did you keep yourself going when you weren't feeling your best or having a bad day with weight loss/gym?
Draw a line. Too many times I have stood on scales which gave me a gain, I'd storm out and binge for weeks then start back at square one... sometimes worse. One of my biggest inspirations, now a friend, once told me you have 21 meals per week - 1 off plan meal isn't going to make you gain weight, it's what you do after that matters! Likewise with a bad gym day, draw a line and dig deep for that determination to prove to yourself that you can do it. I'm never in competition with anyone other than myself.

How important has training become as part of your daily routine?
It's probably the most important thing I do. Not only for weight loss but for my general attitude, it makes me more positive and happy!

If someone is looking to lose weight or get fit, what's your biggest tip?
BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Set yourself a small target, 5-7lbs and once you've achieved that, set another. When you see the scales moving, you'll start to find yourself being a little more positive about your journey and your goals will come naturally to you. Don't always obsess over the scales though, they don't always tell the entire picture. Take your measurements, take photographs every week, keep a food journal and if there's a day where you've said no to something you'd have said yes to before - highlight it like there's no tomorrow!! Celebrate small successes because they matter the most.