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29th March 2019

You’ve been accepted into the Marathon and now it’s only around the corner and you’re thinking ‘Oh dear, what have I done?!”

In full support of all you crazy runners we’ve put together some last-minute crucial tips to ensure you get over that finish line, and how to look after yourself once the race is over.

Five key tips:

Eat something of oatmeal consistency or bananas in the morning, fats are big no-no!
Wear warm clothes whilst waiting to start and then leave them in charity bins - it’s always good to give something extra back, especially if you’re already running for charity
Tape over existing blisters with plasters and duct tape – better to be safe than sorry
Pack a throwaway bag with snacks, fluids, and vaseline. You’ll thanks us later – you never know when they might come in handy
Write your full name and emergency contact details on the back of your bib – in case of a crisis (we’re sure it won’t happen, but just in-case!)

Five critical steps for recovery

Take a contrast shower - it means the contrast between cold and hot water on your legs, which causes a process called “vasoconstriction” in the blood vessels of your legs. This aids the rush of oxygen-rich blood to your legs – that is crucial to the repair of damaged muscle.
Protein, sleep and move – it’s imperative that after a contrast shower, it’s followed by a protein rich meal and a good night’s kip. Day off after the marathon? WRONG! To accelerate the healing process in your legs, do something to get your blood moving – even if it’s a brisk walk.
Recognise the hurdles - how about investing some money in yourself? Visit an Active Release Technique (ART) therapist for guidance. Athletes who use an ART therapist, their minor injuries or “niggles” tend to go away after one or two sessions – worth the money I’d say!
Cross-Train First – recovery from a marathon can feel like starting again. To recover the healing power of getting oxygen-rich blood to damaged muscle tissue is to try swimming or aqua jogging. They’re both useful as it moves blood around the body, to speed up the healing time of the cellular damage that happened in your leg muscles during the race.
Stretch, roll and massage -wait at least two to six hours after the race to stretch and foam roll, also at least 24 hours for a massage. This permits time for your muscles to replenish fluids and energy lost to recover from the demands of the race.

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