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30th January 2018

If you have been into one of our gym café’s recently, you will have noticed our brand new product, Manilife Peanut Butter!

With great health benefits and a tasty product, it's a great addition to your diet. We sell 3 delicious flavours: Original, Deep Roast and Creamy. 

Created exclusively with deep roasted peanuts, direct from farmers in Argentina. The ingredients: Fine, Argentine hi-oleic peanuts (99.1%) and a pinch of sea salt (0.9%).

No added sugar and no palm oil. Processed palm oil is super high in saturated fats that large consumption of it can lead to hypertension, heart disease and can affect organs like the lungs and kidneys- so Maniflife do not include this in their products. 100% natural ingredients but with the best ingredients.

Peanuts are known for their ‘good fats’ and these peanuts are EVEN BETTER. These peanuts are more nutritious, sweeter and more delicious than your average peanut. With tons of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, all great benefits to help your body perform at its best.

Along with the health benefits, peanut butter is a great ingredient that can be added to so may things! Top your toast for breakfast, toss some in your brownies, or add it to some chicken skewers for a delightful peanut sauce.

Suitable for vegans and gluten free.

Pop down to one of our café’s today to pick up your jar!