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22nd February 2018

Weight loss is exactly what it says it is. Losing weight. Doesn't sound too bad right? But wait.

If we're losing weight from where ever we want then this could mean a loss of muscle mass, something that we don't want.

The more lean mass an individual has, the more calories they generally turnover. So if we drop a lot of weight, but also drop a lot of lean mass along the way, it can actually be damaging in the long run.

Once we have reached our weight loss goal- but now with less lean mass- and eventually resort back to our 'normal' eating habits, chances are the weight we lost may come back. This is because we are now turning over less calories and therefore have a good chance of returning into a calorie surplus without knowing it- not good!

So, what can we do to make sure we are losing only fat and retaining as much lean mass as possible?

Protein- Make sure you're consuming enough protein! To make this simple, aim for 1g of protein per pound of body weight. If your protein intake moves slightly above or below this don't worry, just hitting around this target will be fine.

Resistance training- Add some resistance training into your exercise regime. This type of training helps maintain the muscle mass you have, or even add some if you're lucky (beginner gains and all that). And no, while trying to lose weight, resistance training isn't going to make you 'massive' or 'bulky', but will certainly help you retain that muscle.

Learn along the way- If you know where your maintenance calories are, even if you have dropped some lean mass, then you will reduce the risk of future weight gain. Fat loss is much more beneficial and ideal for the long term, especially if you're wanting to add a bit of shape. Hit your protein target, add some resistance training and learn along the way and you should see and feels some gains.

This guest post comes from our Carlisle PT Matthew Thompson. If you're wanting further weight loss and fat loss tips feel free check out Matthew Thompson on Facebook or pop into club for a consultation.