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Losing weight, is it really that simple?

12th June 2019

Yes, it is really... quite simple... and most people seem to find hard. In reality - it’s a doable but long process which is why most people give up, but all is not doomed. Lifestyle Fitness Club Manager Jenny Gilbert, is going to tell you how and the two words that will get you there... ‘calorie deficit.’  

You've probably seen or heard the words floating around before and if you're looking to shed a few pounds or even become this year’s success story - this is how it's done!

What is a calorie deficit and how do I go about it?

A calorie deficit is a state in which you burn more calories than you consume - leading to weight loss, sounds simple huh? But how do you know you're in a deficit?

1)    For a few days track everything you eat on a food log and we mean everything, from sauces to the sugar you have in your tea or coffee. It all adds up and could be the reason you aren't losing weight! 

2)    Analyse this data, you've got it. Now it’s time to see where you're going wrong, are you overeating a certain food? Bad habits repeating themselves? What is the cause? Find out your daily calorie intake and you can do step three! 

3)    Making the change. You’re surprised at how much you eat or the opposite end of the scale how little you eat? And how much of that 'little amount' is bad food packed full of calories? It doesn't look like much but believe us that is your problem! All you have to do now is create the 'deficit' and you do that by consuming less of something. You can go into a lot of detail here, but we like simple and effective, so instead of tracking calories and reducing your total daily allowance you are going to simply cut out your habits and any food you over eat.

For example, you’re looking through your food log and find yourself indulging in five packets of crisps a day. They must be making a killing from you and now it’s time to change that! You don't need to cut it out completely but instead of eating five packets we want you to reduce this to 2-3 a day. Can you see where we're going now?

It makes sense, right? Another option is looking at the foods and their content - chocolate bars, packed full of worthless macro and micronutrients but taste great. Yes, we all like to have a treat now and again but why not replace this chocolate bar with a healthier, lower calorie one? Your brain and taste buds still get the same effect but again you’re decreasing calories. Over time with consistency, patience, and some hard work in the gym, I can guarantee you will lose weight.

The plus side to calorie deficit? You’re not eating like a pet rabbit before giving up after two weeks because your diet was 'too hard to sustain’.

Have a healthy week everyone!