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Lose the weight, gain the cash!

28th December 2018

No, it’s not ‘too good to be true’ – it’s good, and its true! Join our Earn While You Burn scheme and get paid up to £45!

We are encouraging our members to lose weight by paying them with a cash incentive. Since Earn While You Burn began all the way back in 2007, our members have lost over 1500 stones of fat, which is the weight equivalent to the largest killer whale ever recorded, and we have paid out over £30,000.

The numbers are impressive and are still rising, why not be a part of it? If your goal in 2019 is to lose weight, you might aswell be paid for it too.

How does it work?

It works by having 3 weigh-ins in club per week over a 12-week duration*. The staff at your local Lifestyle Fitness gym will register this on your Earn While You Burn card, allowing you to keep note of your progress and help you work towards your goals. It also assists gym staff to give you a push if you need one!

After completion, you will receive your cheque in the post within a week, so no long waits or messing around for your money!

Access to quality equipment and support

We only provide the best facilities and our gyms are kitted out with Star Trac equipment and high-quality free weights. Professional, quality support is always on hand from our friendly and helpful club staff.

They can offer additional guidance on how best to lose weight, and at a cost - PT’s can supply tailored workouts, diet plans and lifestyle advice.

Let’s talk numbers! **

Lose the weight, gain the cash!

·         5KG - £10

·         6KG - £15

·         7KG - £21

·         8KG - £28

·         9KG - £36

·         10KG - £45

Contact your local Lifestyle Fitness gym for more information and support.

*Although we state these weigh-ins as a requirement, we will happily cater to your needs and your busy schedules.

** Payment is capped at £45.00