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Lightwater Member Loses A Staggering 9 Stone!

15th May 2017

Lightwater member shares her story about her journey and the problems she faced whilst losing weight. Over the last 2 years, she has lost a staggering 9 stone, with the help of the Lifestyle Fitness gym, a nutritionist and Clare Park Hospital.

With a mixture of both cardio and lighter weights, a personalised exercise programme has helped Lorna to mix up her workouts and with the help of Frimley Park Hospital, she has the support and motivation to keep going.

Lorna’s story: “I have lost over 9 stone, over the last 2 years, with another 4 stone to lose.  This has not been easy at all; however, I am determined to do it.  We have a special needs daughter who has Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy.  Our daughter, who is 20 years old, is like a six-month-old baby.  I needed to learn hard and fast that I need to look after myself, to help our daughter, as Naomi is 24 seven care. This has a huge amount of challenges, and emotions. I was finding it very difficult with my own health.

I had a lot of very stressful issues going on in my own life.  I found because I couldn’t cope with the stress, and everything else, that was going on, I was comfort eating more, and more.  I just wanted to block out the pain, of what was happening to me.  I kept thinking to myself I have plenty of time, I will do it and weight will come off and no more worries, instead of facing up to the problems.  I got a real shock, when I took advanced cellulitis to my left leg, and nearly lost my left leg.  For me this was a real turning point, in my life.  I started to realize that the help I needed was now, not when I wanted it.  I needed to deal with this.  I approached my GP and asked for the psychological help that I needed.

I found myself being very rebellious in not wanting to face up to my pain, and my weight.

I had a Consultant at Frimley who said to me.  If you don’t lose weight? You could become very seriously ill, as I have Diabetes, which in its self can cause significant and life threatening health issues. I found that lots of areas with my health, where getting worse and not better.  I lose balance in my legs, spinal problems, with many more health issues.  I struggled very much with my weight, which was getting me more and more down. I still have times when I find it so hard to accept myself, for who I am, and to believe in myself.

I found it very difficult to walk far; I would get totally out of breath, my knees and spine where very painful.

Therefore, I decided to stop arguing with people, who cared for me, and realize unless I choose to lose the weight, and accept the help I needed I am not going to be able to do this on my own.

1) I needed to choose to lose weight

2) To accept the help that was to be given to me.

3) To believe in myself.

I am not going to let this get out of hand; I do this even when I don’t feel like it.  I find for me, there is a lot of mind over matter.  Why put weight on and damage your health?  I learnt this very much the hard way.  My health just started going down the tube, for me that was it enough is enough I need to act hard and fast.

Therefore, I started taking my fitness and exercise approach more seriously rather than rely purely on direct treatments and this started and continues under Mr Nigel Wilson, Physiotherapist, who was working at Frimley Park 2 years ago and continues today, supervising my rehabilitation at Lightwater Leisure Centre, which has been a great help.

Mr Irrekulah, Consultant General Surgeon, who performed my gastric banding, and his team have been fantastic and I also continue to see Paula Wood my Dietician who has also been a wonderful help. 


My husband and I were looking for a hospital that was not too far away from Woking and, what would meet my needs for losing weight.  I checked the web site of Clare Park and liked what I read and saw.  I wanted some help with weight.

Clare Park was offering Bariatric Treatment, which I desperately needed some help with my serious weight issues.  I read that Mr Irrekulah was the Consultant who would do the sleeve.  I decided to do my homework on Mr Irrekulah, and research him, as I am extremely careful. I decided that I liked what I read about Mr Irrekulah and felt he was the right person for me.

I decided this was the right place for me.  This was the beginning of my journey at Clare Park.  I know a lot of the Consultants, as they work at Frimley Hospital this, was good for me as I wanted to go somewhere I knew people, and familiar with them, and feel very safe with the team and the hospital.  This is very important FOR ME.

I feel that I am treated very well at Clare Park.  When I need to go to a new hospital for whatever treatment I am very cautious.  I felt very much at home the first time I went there, like Frimley.  I felt I could trust people, and the team that worked with Mr Irrekulah, Kate my Dietician on this programme plus my Bariatric Nurse Natasha.

I feel that everyone in Spire who I came into contact with, that I could trust them 100 per cent. For me when I am going through very serious issues I need to know that I am in good hands, and feel safe that’s how I feel about Spire Clare Hospital.  I feel very honoured and blessed to be under this hospital, and Mr Nigel Wilson and Paula my Dietician who works alongside, for the help that the whole team are giving me, and working with me to help me loose more weight.

I decided to go to Lightwater Leisure Centre in Surrey; this is part of my recovery.  I know this is an excellent decision. Mark Skinner of Lifestyle Lightwater Leisure Centre, who is one of the duty Managers at the Leisure Centre where I go to and where Nigel Wilson sees me weekly. Mark has been part of this journey, in checking my weight etc.  Mark is an excellent help in this.

Lightwater Leisure Centre is very well equipped for the kind of equipment that I need.

I would strongly recommend this Leisure Centre to people.

I want to encourage people out there who have weight issues that if you are badly struggling with, please go and get help from your GP.  I would strongly suggest you don’t leave it like I did, face the problem head long, get the help and support you need this, is very vital for your health and wellbeing.

If you want any more information about Lightwater Leisure Centre please make contact with mskinner@lifestylelightwater.co.uk”


With the support of staff, Lorna has managed to change her life and prevent herself being at health risks. Our PT’s and club staff are trained to help anyone who wishes to improve their lifestyle and transform their lives. If you want more information on our PT programmes or support with your fitness journey, please contact your local club and our staff will be happy to help you along!