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Lewis Carruther's life threatening story

25th June 2015

On the 21st September 2014 in Australia 5 days before my 25th birthday I had a major motorcycle accident resulting in me suffering major injuries - a broken spine 8 vertabray, 9 broken ribs on my right side puncturing my right lung in 2 places and a broken right forearm breaking both bones, I also suffered a head injury giving me 2 bleeds on my right frontal lobe! I was in bad shape and actually died on the scene, luckily I had some great guys riding with me who reacted quickly and managed to sort me out and revive me until the ambulance arrived and took me to hospital!

I was pieced back together and fixed to the point that I am now able to walk again! I spent 5 hard months in hospital until I was ready to leave and carry on my rehabilitation at home.

I am so pleased I am here today and yes my life is different now and changed forever but I'd love to give back a little and have decided to take part in a huge event where I will be using my daily wheelchair to take part in the Great North Run pushing myself 13.1miles! A huge feat for me - I will do it and hopefully in a respectable time!

I'd love it if you could donate any amount you can afford to help me hit my target so I can take part in this great race! The charity I am raising money for do fantastic work with people who have suffered Spinal Cord Injuries. I am pleased to support them in what ever way I can they do their fantastic work!

Please give what you can to help this amazing charity! Check them out www.backupteam.org.uk

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