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Leicester Member Drops 10 Dress Sizes!!

13th July 2017

Most of people around see all my weightlifting clients and assume that I only work with athletes, the truth is I'm in a business of making athletes, every client I have I treat as an aspiring athlete no matter if that's the first day at the gym or seasoned sportsmen.

For example I do not have that many weight loss clients as I'm primarily a strength coach but to keep my skills well rounded I always take on different goal oriented people, Here's one of my longest weight loss client Sandra Mallon, when starting with me the only thing she wanted was to see the numbers drop on the scales, but I managed to convince her that she changes on scales should be only a symptom of a strong, fit, athletic and healthy body and not the goal of the training, for most people it's not a easy concept to accept but as you can see it works and instead of feeling fit only while standing on scales, she has felt improvement in almost all aspects of her life pluss can survive the crazies hiit classes, do olympic lifts and hit a 100kg deadlift.

Below I have added Sandra account of her training experience....

I joined lifestyle fitness October 2013 having by that point already lost around 4 stone through diet and gentle exercise alone. However in reality my body shape hadn't changed that much. I plodded on anyhow making it up as I went along. I quickly  became frustrated with not seeming to lose any real amount of weight and still had a lot to go. I got into lifting weights very slowly but knew it would be the key to continuing weight loss and sustaining it. By the time I started working out with Kris I had managed loose a further 2 stone but wouldn't say i was particularly fit, strong or healthy. Kris always starts clients on leg day. If you survive squats with Kris and want to come back for more then he's the trainer for you. He is encouraging, motivating and extremely knowledgeable and all training is geared towards you and making you a fitter healthier and stronger you. He has a genuine passion for helping other unleash their potential and is truly inspirational.  I've gone from 21 stone 6lbs to 13stone, a size 24 to a 14 and really the biggest transformation has been the last couple of years working with Kris. I workout at least 5 times a week including olympic lifting classes. I have energy and stamina and renewed vigour for life. I enjoy challenging myself physically every day in the gym, something I couldn't fathom a couple of years ago when walking a few miles was exhausting.  I'm more successful and content in my personal and work life. Kris is an amazing trainer, coach, diet guru and occasional counsellor and I can never thank him enough.