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Leicester PT Shares Incredible Client Progress

04th August 2017

Leicester club share the fitness journey of Sakeena...

"This is my client Sakeena, her weight loss journey began in November 2015 after a previous failed attempt in January that year. She took out a gym membership and attended just one day, she was uninspired, demotivated an lacking education.

November that year she asked me for help, her goal was to change her lifestyle and reduce body fat. She has incorporated home DVD workouts into her plan but was frustrated by the lack of results and changes to her body.

My first talk was to make the journey as simple and fun as I could, I knew that she would be way more likely to be consistent. I didn't complicate the process, I educated her on the tracking of her food and how she could maximise results by doing so. I never asked anything of her other than to commit to the 3/4 sessions she said she would as well as eat 1900 calories. 

Over time as she began to lose weight, she found herself sucked into the process. The amount of times she came to the gym has increased and the amount she was eating had reduced. Gradually week by week the weight started to come off, her eating had become more mindful, her habits were changed for the better and she had a goal in mind whether it took 4 or 40 weeks, we were always going to achieve what we set out to do.

There was bad and good weeks, weeks when the number on the scale had increased but looking back that extra meal, that extra pound, that skipped workout, that week off doesn't matter because we could always see the bigger picture. We knew we just had to be consistent over a longer period not over a perfect one. This was a lifestyle change not a short term fix, fad, blast, 30 day trial.

This is a years worth of hard work, this wasn't easy but it sure was worth it! She was ready to change, she committed and I could not be prouder to share this journey with her!"