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Our Leicester PT Transforms Her Body

14th July 2017

One of our new PT's at Leicester shares her incredible transformation story! Showing that with motivation, support and gaining knowledge, you can achieve your goals! 

Eden's Story:

"I was never big but always had that stubborn 'podge' I'd do a fad diet for 3 days lose a few lbs and then back to binge, I really believe if I hadn't been inspired by meeting a bikini fitness competitor I would have gone down a very danergous path with my mind and body. I met someone by absolute chance one night and I just thought, THAT is what I want to be. After googling 'how to be a bodybuilder' realising I knew nothing and this was a whole new world for me, I gave myself a year from where I was (65kg) to get on stage and compete in bikini fitness. I can't say I got a lot of support from the get go because I'd never stuck at anything in my life so it was just another 'give her a week and she'll have a new toy' kind of thing. I took it very seriously got myself a personal trainer that taught me most of what I know now, purely through weightlifting and the odd HIIT session the weight was dropping off slowly but surely. Now at 52kg and 7 months in to weightlifting/bodybuilding I decided to do a test cut so I could see what prep would be like for a show but then I saw that one was happening in 12 weeks time, locally. That was it, I got myself an online coach to help with the mental side of prep and threw myself at it. I loved every moment of prep, seeing my body change and really pushing it to the limit, seeing that definition and tone I'd always thought was only in the media and 12 weeks later I was on stage and placed in my first ever competition LESS than 12 months since I started this journey. I was inspired, now I want to inspire, I want to be someone that helps a person through their own journey of something life changing. It's not impossible, it takes a lot of dedication but why think 'where could I be in 6 months time' actually find out. Do it! For yourself!"