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Keeping The Weight Off Over Christmas

06th December 2017



We all know how hard it can be to stick to your diet and the gym over Christmas but small changes can have the biggest impacts, which will help in January when you get back on it! Therefore, one of our Darlington PT's, Jordan has put together some tips and advice on how to keep that extra weight off over the Christmas period...

  • With the festivities starting I have put togther a few points below to stop you from over endulging and piling on those unneccessary pounds.

  • Skipping a meal earlier in the day can save you a few hundred calories that you will possibly add back In later in the day in the form of alcohol and sweets.

  • Down sizing your portions of your "normal" sized meals when you know you will be going out for a meal or a night out over the Christmas period.

  • Sometime's being the sober driver and not always being the most drunk person in the room.

  • Going out for a walks and making an aim of moving more each day (10,000 steps on your Fitbit) or simply rushing around faster than usual if you've left all your shopping to the last minute.

  • Not using Christmas as an excuse to ditch exercise and the gym altogether and undo your hard work. It's really not too much different from the rest of the year (in fact you may even get more time off from work) so keep up with your good efforts right through to January

  • Not worrying too much about the numbers side of things and the scales and training for enjoyment. Exercise isn't punishment for eating chocolate it's a tool to help us stay fit, healthy and happy

For any extra information or advice, please contact jordan on: https://www.facebook.com/jordanhanrattypt/