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Keep Yourself Motivated This Winter!

08th December 2017


We all lose our motivation through the winter months but going off track too much over Christmas can make it extra hard for your body to adjust in the New Year.

Christmas is a great time to take some time off from daily routines and spend time with families but going off track completely can go on longer than just the Christmas period! Even training one or two days a week can help keep off those extra pounds or keep your body at a balanced level so you don't feel guilty! 

  • Treat yourself to some new gym gear! - This is always a good way to get yourself back at the gym and who doesn't love retail therapy?!
  • It's warm once you start training! - It may be cold outside but after a few minutes of exercise you'll not feel it!
  • Set yourself a goal! - This could be a small goal or a big end goal. Whatever your goal is, set your mind to it and the results will soon follow!
  • Bring a friend or family member with you! - Keeping each other motivated can be more beneficial than you think, you can teach each other new exercises or even try a new class together!
  • Make the most of an empty gym! - If you're worried about starting in the January rush, try new machines or classes over Christmas when it is the quietest and you will have more confidence to go in the New Year!
  • Prep your meals at night! - This way you won't be tempted to eat unhealthily. Also making a week's worth of meals on a Sunday can save you time and money on your lunch break!

If you would like any extra advice or have any questions please contact our PT team at LSFPT!