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Launch Yourself Into 2018!

22nd December 2017

The New Year is here, which means one thing... Everyone decides to hit the gym, clean up their diet and put themselves on an alcohol ban! New Years resolutions start to take shape as everyone tries to get into a healthy regime and the gyms start to get very busy again.

When going into the gym for the first time or returning after dropping off you need to make sure of a number of things...

  • You have an overall goal set out. WHAT do you want to achieve? WHY do you want to achieve this? WHEN do you want to achieve this?
  • Make sure that you have a training programme tailored for you to follow. This means it is tailored around your goals, it knows what your current level of fitness is and whether you are carrying any injuries that prevent you performing certain exercises.
  • Have a specific nutrition plan set out. Again similar to your training programme it has to be tailored for you e.g. Making sure you are getting the correct calorie intake. It is no good picking up fad diets from websites that don't show any specifics towards you and your goal.
  • Look at different training options, try new classes or try new equipment! You could suprirse yourself and find something new you enjoy
  • Bring a friend, help motivate each other and brave new things - sometimes trying a new class with someone can make it less daunting!

All of the above points are vital if you want to get real results that are going to make you feel amazing this year.

You might be sitting there now and thinking to yourself that you haven't thought about any of these points before entering the gym this week. If that is you book yourself an appointment with a fitness professional.

What have you got to lose?? Set yourself some new goals and you'll be ready for your summer holidays in no time!