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30th July 2018

Holiday season is here! The time of year that we have worked so hard to get in shape for.

But it can also be a time of year that we dread. No one wants to undo all their hard work with just a couple of days unnecessary binging. We're here to tell you that you can still enjoy yourself and stay fit at the same time!

If you’re committed to changes and progress these simple tips to keep you toned can really help you to keep you on track for when you return home from your trip.

Now remember, do not push yourself to train! Train only only when you want to!

Your training load will be greatly reduced while on holiday. Don’t feel guilt about this. But if you feel the urge to train, then train.

Walking- Walking is a great exercise to help combat body fats. Walk every possible chance you can. Walking is a great way to see new places and keep fit at the same time. Plus it’s a free mode of transport.

Swimming- Swimming is a natural calorie burner. It’s a low impact exercise but perfect for when you want to take a dip to cool down and workout. Swim lengths on a morning to give your body that calorie-burning boost that will last all day.

Quick core workout- There’s plenty of workout apps to choose from to do a quick 10 minute core workout when you feel like you want to train. Also these can be done anywhere- on the beach, by the pool, in your hotel room.

Hit the gym- If you're lucky enough to have a gym in your hotel, then getting a quick workout in before breakfast or dinner might be enjoyable and useful for keeping in shape.

Smart alcohol choices- Everyone deserves to let loose on holiday and you’ll probably end up drinking more regularly than you would at home. But if you want to make smarter choices, ditch the fatty drinks like beer and opt for a healthier choice, such as vodka, gin, whiskey or white wine.

Eating healthy- When it comes to meals, opt for lean meats, salads and vegetables and fresh fruit as a healthier choice and to keep you fuller for longer.