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How to not overindulge at Easter!

18th April 2019

The Easter holidays are incoming which means plenty of food and drink, to avoid this - we’ve included some pointers on how to not overindulge this Easter.

Dark Chocolate (preferably)

Dark chocolate is packed full of antioxidants and is the healthiest type of chocolate – just don’t over do it of course! Everything in moderation.

Why not try and make things more exciting by making your own dark chocolate Easter Eggs?

Lunch over dinner

We all know dinner on a long weekend with friends and family can either end well or cause its fair share of disputes, so to prevent this - why not keep it low-key this Easter and choose lunch over dinner?

This will allow you to offer a range of colourful salads whilst appreciating time spent with friends and family throughout the day. Why are we suggesting this? It encourages guests to be tired a bit earlier than usual and you’ll be able to have an early night!

Rework your lamb

Another tradition – roast lamb is typically consumed on Easter Sunday and is the essential food that brings your friends and family together.

Despite it containing protein and B12, it’s also quite fattening, and consists of a high amount of saturated fat. Although, there’s procedures you can take to reduce the amount of saturated fats – roasting it with the potatoes and vegetables and cutting off the visible fat are just a couple of them.

Watch your portions

A fundamental reason why so many people struggle to lose weight or keep off the excess pounds over the holidays are the large portion sizes which come with the holiday period - which can be easily avoided.

By restricting the amount of foods that are high in refined carbs, fats and sugar you’ll be able to have a fuller appetite for longer.

Extreme Easter Egg Hunt

Most importantly, Easter is all about enjoying yourself!

One idea could be to turn conventional hiding places into high intensity exercises. For instance, to encourage people to climb through obstacles at high speeds – whilst also completing challenges to get your eggs. It could burn off all those calories!


Received too many Easter Eggs? At Lifestyle Fitness we’re collecting Easter Eggs for our clubs to donate to charity. If you have any spare – you know what to do!