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How to make sure you stick to your workout

28th July 2016

Whether your workout is cardio-based, a weights session or a mix between the two, it’s important that once you set your mind on a goal, you stick to it.

But let’s face it, it’s tough out there. You’ve got the weather, a waning willpower and life all getting in the way. If you’re going to make working out a happy habit, whatyou need is a little help from the experts. Try just a handful of these easy tips on how to make sure you stick to your workout.

1. Set it all out in front of you - Physically writing down your workout plan will help. A routine in your head is easier to quit.

2. Be realistic - If you’re coming from a standing start, don’t ask for too much from your body - there’s a good chance you’ll burn out. Take baby steps and tick them off one at a time.

3. Prepare at home - Stop and think about what you need on your workout. Pack the right clothing and a good pair of trainers, take a water bottle and a towel. Long workout? Why not throw in a cereal bar or protein supplement to help you along.

4. Take a friend - This is one of the most obvious motivational techniques going, but having a gym buddy is a great way of keeping on the straight and narrow. You can lean on each other when the going gets tough, and celebrate one another’s achievements.

5. Cue the music - Music is a great way of motivating yourself, keeping your mind off negative thoughts and giving your workout a rhythm.

6. Set yourself mini goals - Your ultimate goal might be to lose twenty pounds by Summer, but unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen overnight. Set yourself small, achievable goals at the start of every workout and stick to them.

7. Eat well - Eating properly isn’t just a fitness tip for those wanting to shed a few pounds. Anyone who has tried to hit the treadmill after a Big Mac will testify that it makes things a whole lot more difficult - try to think about what you’re eating before you head off to the gym.

8. Do it early - Studies suggest that those who get up early to complete their workout find it much easier to fall into a routine than those who wait until after work.

9. Keep it varied - Pounding the cross trainer for hours on end does nothing for your motivation. Try to use a range of the equipment around you to keep your mind fresh and your body interested.

10. Keep it balanced - Again, focussing on one exercise or one group of muscles is not only pretty boring, but it can have a hugely negative impact on your health and can lead to serious injury.

11. Stay hydrated - The most common cause of daytime fatigue is a lack of hydration. This lowers motivation and makes working out difficult for obvious reasons. Studies suggest we should intake at least four litres of water a day, including at least a pint first thing in the morning.