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How to make gym buddies!

31st May 2019

It can be a daunting feeling entering the gym as a newbie. So, in this blog post, we’ve included some helpful tips on how to make your gym experience as comfortable as possible - by making new friends.

Making friends at the gym is proven to increase participation. According to research by Warwick University, more than 40% of participants drop a fitness class shortly after it begins if they attend alone - but if they work out with a friend the drop out rate falls to 6%.

The research suggests that when working out with a friend it heightens motivation and accountability. This is because it doesn’t feel so much of a necessity anymore and you’re encouraged to try different things out. See, workouts don’t have to be boring!


A smile never hurts anyone.

Attend the gym with a welcoming attitude, approachable persona and a smile - to let people know you’re open to conversation.

Forget the headphones

Wearing headphones is basically code for “don’t bother talking to me”.  If you want to be approached, then you need to be approachable.

Leaving headphones at home will issue a window of opportunity for you to strike up a conversation with someone or for someone to strike up a conversation with you.

Visit a group class

Whether it’s Spinning or Bootcamp, attending classes can be a great way of making friends. Get chatting to members before or after the class. This is the perfect situation for you to meet new people!

Arrive 15 minutes before your class, for optimised relaxation - which gives you plenty of time to talk to your classmates.

Be a frequent visitor

Become a regular and you will become a common face amongst the usual gym-goers. Implementing frequent “catch-up” conversations.

Start off the conversation in relation to something recent, as people are more likely to engage in the conversation.

Buddy up with staff

Our club staff are always a friendly face in the gym and PT’s are always willing to speak to new and existing members – to build their clientele.

Use this as a way of developing your confidence and knowing your surroundings, as staff can assist with additional support in the gym.