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Get Yourself Workout-Ready on Dark Mornings

27th September 2016

This is the season where for most, any kind of fitness motivation has gone out the window. We all hate that moment our alarm goes off on those cold, dark mornings when you’re comfortably wrapped up in your duvet and not ready to face the world.  Your instant reaction is to press the snooze button and ditch the gym just for that extra hour longer in bed, right? Well it’s time to snap out of those lazy winter ways as we are providing you with the top tips on how to drag yourself out of bed! Hey, it’s for your own good!

Prepare the Night Before
We all know what happens when we try and get organised in the morning…the trainers you’re trying to find usually go missing, or you spill cereal down a new shirt. Whatever it may be, there’s always drama when you’re in a rush. But you can avoid all that with just a tiny bit of preparation - pack your gym bag the night before, problem solved! This way all you need to do is grab breakfast, grab your bag and off you go - no stress.

Hit the ZZZZ’s Early!
The start of winter usually means running noses and sickness bugs – not ideal for feeling motivated and ready to go. A good night’s sleep will not only have you feeling fresh but can keep you in good health, which is vital if you are wanting to hit the treadmill at 6am.The recommended amount of hours adults should be sleeping is roughly 7-9 hours each night. Luckily, the dark nights mean it’s easier to get sleepy, so if you’re yawning away on the couch, don’t fight it and get to bed!

Move Your Alarm Clock to the Other Side of the Room
Yes, you read that right! Move your alarm clock to somewhere other than your bedside table - that way, you have no choice but to get up out of that comfy bed and switch it off. Then ta-dah! You’re awake and out of bed… you can thank us later. If you want an extra bit of motivation, why not leave yourself an inspirational message on your alarm notes to get you in that positive frame of mind.

Turn ON the Light
Now that the beautiful summer mornings have gone, sadly, there’s no more sunshine peeking through our blinds at 5am. A bit of improvisation is needed – invest in an alarm clock that slowly adds light to your room, or purchase a timer plug so your lamp will automatically come on at a certain time. Failing that, bite the bullet and switch your light on when your alarm goes off! If you’re using our previous tip, switching the light on won’t be hard as you’re already up chasing your alarm clock!

Cold Shower
Still feeling like a zombie and lacking any motivation? Hit the shower! No, I don’t mean have a lovely warm soothing shower that you will stand under forever. Set the temperature as cold as you can handle and wake yourself up - initially it will be a shock, but afterwards you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead!

Recruit a Workout Buddy
You know what they say... Friends who train together stay together! You may like to train on your own, but let’s be honest - if your friend is banging on your door at 6am in the morning, you pretty much have no choice but to hit the gym with them. Not only that, but it is proven that working out with a friend can motivate you and help you achieve your personal best by pushing yourself that bit harder than usual – hey, what’s a little friendly competition?!

Wake up an Hour Earlier
This may sound insane, but if you manage to wake yourself up an hour earlier than usual then you will manage to feel somewhat normal by the time you hit the gym. This also leaves you time to enjoy your breakie, warm up, or meditate!

As hard as it may be to drag yourself out of bed when it’s cold and dark, think about how positive you will feel throughout the rest of the day. Your body and mind will be relaxed and ready to take on the day’s challenges - not to mention that you can relax in front of the TV later on, nice and snug in the knowledge that you already hit the gym first thing this morning!