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Household chores that are great for burning...

14th September 2020

Laundry basket

Working from home? Household chores taking over your life? Good news! They can get you in shape in no time.

We have selected the most popular and effective household chores for calorie burning through research by Wren Kitchens. So, if you are unable to get to the gym and wanting to lose weight, invest more time in helping around the house!


This is a popular one. The laundry can be a lengthy and tiring process (especially if you don’t have a dryer)! After separating colours to blacks and whites, then loading the washing machine, unloading it, hanging them to dry, ironing and then finally putting clothes away – it has already taken up half your day.

The news you have been waiting for…this process can burn over 700 calories, which is more than one workout at the gym!

Now you don’t have to put off those dreaded household tasks!


Kids constantly making a mess? It is estimated that we spend on average 138 minutes every week mopping floors, burning 405 calories! This is the same as doing 340 squat thrusts, which is very useful for fat burning and toning.


The majority of household chores are effective for toning arms and shoulder muscles. Vacuuming is slightly less calorie burning than mopping – still, engaging in 132 minutes of vacuuming in your home burns 387 calories!

Sweeping the floor can be just as effective! Together, mopping, vacuuming, and sweeping could burn over 1,000 calories.


Lockdown clear out? De-cluttering is a good way of improving mood, as research suggests clutter can cause feelings of stress, fatigue, and depression – so get your clean-up on!

Travelling up and down the stairs, moving furniture about, is estimated to burn 240 calories! That is around 30 minutes burned off the cross trainer.