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Healthy Christmas Themed Snacks

14th December 2018

It’s our favourite time of year, and this is when our eating and drinking habits spiral out of control. For discipline purposes – we’ve included some simple healthy snacks that you can incorporate into your family parties this Christmas for those family members that continue their strictness throughout the festivities!

Strawberry Santa’s

Rich in taste and colour – strawberries come as a tasty party treat. Add a slice of banana and a splash of cottage cheese to give it that extra kick. Don’t forget the eyes they’re a must!

Ho Ho Hot Dog Stockings

Love the holidays but hate sugar-filled snacks? These healthy Christmas treats for kids are perfect! Turn these hot dogs from a summer seasonal favourite into a Christmas specialty! Use cream cheese, parsley and red pepper to give it that extra Christmas feel.

Frosty the Egg Snowman

Who said high protein snacks are dull? These hard-boiled eggs put the fun into protein – they even have tiny carrot top hats!

Banana Penguins

You would have to be a maniac to eat healthily all through Christmas. Made with Reece’s Pieces – these flightless birds are sure to give you a sugar kick. Although they hold low nutritional values, they’re a healthier alternative to ice-cream and count as 1 of your 5 a day!

Cheese Please

Who could go wrong with cheese, especially when it’s accompanied by a healthy alternative!

Watermelon Christmas Trees

These vibrant watermelon trees don’t lack colour and are very simple to make – you’ll wish this was the only tree you were decorating this Christmas.

Recipe and instructions for all treats below!