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27th June 2018

We all know the struggle, once the sunshine and the heat appears, we all just want to head to the beach, the beer garden or host a BBQ. These can often be a time when our training and diet seems to slip, as we want to enjoy ourselves while the weathers nice (as it doesn’t come around often).

Sticking to your diet plan long term is all about making substitutions. You can still enjoy the sunshine and spend time with your friends and family without totally falling off the healthy bandwagon.

We’ve got some ideas for you so you can host that perfect, summer BBQ while sticking to plan…

Lower-fat sausages- Everyone loves a sausage at a BBQ, but many can be high in fat, calories and cholesterol. However, there’s plenty of lower-fat options to choose from in most supermarkets these days: Try Heck, Musclefood or even Quorn for a delicious but healthier choice.

Turkey burgers- Ditch the greasy, processed beef burgers and choose a much healthier (and tastier) turkey burger. Mix low-fat turkey with herbs and top with a dollop of avocado and tomato salsa for a real summer feel.

Chicken skewers- A firm BBQ favourite and a good healthier option to stay on plan. Make your own by sliding diced chicken and your favourite veg on a skewer and simply BBQ away. For a vegetarian alternative, try making veggie skewers with peppers, courgette, cherry tomatoes and sweet potato, then sprinkle a little spice on them to give them more flavour.

Corn on the cob- Grilled corn on the cob is an excellent and guilt-free addition to any BBQ. Just try not to push the boundaries by melting lots of butter on them, as this will massively increase the calories. If you wish to add more flavour, opt for a little olive oil or a pinch or salt for a healthier alternative.

Salad- Fill your plate and belly by making the perfect, summer salad. Throw in whatever tickles your fancy, such as salad leaves, avocado, grated carrot or cucumber, to keep you satisfied and still enjoying the sunshine.