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02nd January 2018

As the new year has come around, we make the promise to ourselves to become healthier and fitter. Making this the best time to start thinking about foods and diet to kickstart our healthier lifestyle.

Like last year, 2018 brings with it new superfoods and health trends to really boost your diet and health. We've found the best ones to that are easy to put together for a meal or simpy throw into your blender...

‘New’ Superfoods- 2017 was the year of the avocado and kale, and while these are still going strong this year, 2018 will introduce the ‘new’ superfoods. Think cassava, monk fruit and jack fruit, that have become popular substitutes for wheat flour and sugar. Nut oils, maqui berries and mushrooms are also set to be super this year, for increased health benefits, and easy enough to simply pop in your smoothie.

Collagen- Boost your health in 2018 with the help of collagen. As one of the cleanest types of protein powders, it has gut-healing properties and it is known to improve acne, boost metabolism and muscle mass, and help the immune system- making this a superfood to watch out for this year!

Probiotics- Think yogurt, apples, pickles. They’re foods that contain fibre to nourish beneficial bacteria in the gut (the ‘good’ bacteria). Probiotics are great for your gut health, which can help to manage appetite and body weight, help the immune system and control motivation- so you’ll be ready to hit the gym.

Activated Charcoal- Activated charcoal has risen in popularity, finding it’s way into green juices and smoothies, in the hope to boost energy, and cleanse the body- it’s even promised to cure hangovers, by removing the toxins. It can help to give you some health benefits and makes for very Instagrammable “detox” drinks.  

Peanut Butter- Often getting a bad rap, peanut butter is making a comeback with a number of health benefits- high in protein and filled with healthy oils and natural fats, it can add the necessary calories to your diet, and may even leave you feeling satisfied for longer. Like with any fatty food, eat in moderation and keep an eye on its added sugar and saturated fat content.

These are just some food suggestions to add into your diet. This, along with keeping up your exercise regime, can help you to really achieve that healthier and fitter lifestyle that you're aiming for. 

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