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Hartlepool Zumbathon Success

08th September 2015

A mass Zumbathon was held by Lifestyle Fitness Hartlepool to raise funds for Poppy Wilkinson.

Four-year-old Poppy was born prematurely with no left foot and no toes on her right foot after problems developed during her mum Kirby Hackworth’s pregnancy.

A fundraising campaign called Poppy’s Appeal has been launched so she can have surgery which, if successful, will mean she will not have to spend long periods of time in a wheelchair.

From noon to 6.00pm on Sunday the 6th of September, dozens of dancers showed their moves in styles of dance ranging from Latin to Zumba.

The event has currently raised over £1000 with money still being donated. If you would like to donate please visit Poppy's page.

The event was organised by Andrea Douglas,  studio co-ordinator at Lifestyle Fitness in Hartlepool and a friend of Poppy’s family.

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