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"Lifting Weights Does Not Make You Bulky!"

25th April 2017

Fitness journeys aren't always about losing weight, personal progression is a huge part of reaching goals. Hartlepool member, Danni shares her story on pushing herself to lift heavier as well as trying new exercises. Your body can get used the same exercises if performed with the same weight for so long, upping your weights or trying new machines/exercises is a great way to improve your body shape, drop body fat as well as building confidence! 

Danni: "I started PT sessions in September 2016 after years of training on my own in the gym. Even after training on my own for years I didn’t feel confident trying new exercises and routines in the gym. I also didn’t have a great understanding of nutrition and this lead me to have some poor diet choices such, as yo-yoing between over indulgence and not consuming enough. Due to having a gym routine and diet which wasn’t producing the results that I felt my effort deserved I decided to do PT sessions with Gemma to try and change the way I did things. The immediate change I found from PT was from the improved diet which gave me an understand the foods I was putting in my body and dispel the myth that all fats are bad. The new diet also made me feel better due to having a wider variety of healthier foods. Having a PT instructor allowed me to try new exercises with confidence that I wouldn’t normally do (such as deadlifting and heavy squatting). This new variety has brought the enjoyment back to the gym that I used to have when I first joined but was lost with the routine and bland diet. Since starting PT I am now able to squat a bar weighing more than my body weight and perform pull-ups, an exercise which I never believed I would ever be able to do!"

Gemma, Hartlepool PT: "After helping danni gain her first goal of being able to squat 55kg for 5 reps the next goal was to be able to perform 5 pull ups. Danni's dedication and attitude to sessions is amazing, always putting 100% in and pushing herself more and more. Along the way not only has she got above and beyond both of her goals but she has also dropped 5% body fat, showing that lifting weights and being strong doesn't make you bulky!"

Fantastic work from both Danni and Gemma! To contact Gemma for any information on her Personal Training at Hartlepool, take a look at her Facebook Page! https://m.facebook.com/GemmaHuskinsonPT/