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Handforth Member Transforms His Body In A Year

11th April 2017

One of our Handforth members, shows his incredible transformation since he started training in January 2016. Since joining our club in the April of 2016, he has gone from strength to strength and has resulted in fat loss and muscle definition. 

Coming up to his year anniversary with our club, he has gladly shared his story with us. Jack was initially 14 stone and hit his lightest weight of 11 stone 11 in January this year. This then allowed him to build his muscle to where he is now 12.5 stone but resulted in not putting on any fat since January which is a great result! 

Largely using weight training - mix of free weights and machines - Jack mixes these workouts with two HIIT sessions a week and short cardio sessions at the start of each workout. From the variation in training techniques he has managed to cut down his body fat percentage and use weight training to build up his muscle.

Not only has he transformed his body, he has built self confidence and motivation to keep progressing. Showing that it isn't a short term diet, it takes a lot of dedication, patience and time to gain results but how worth it is in the end when you begin to feel more confident within yourself!

Fantastic work Jack, keep it up!