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#HAND – Have A Nicer Day

21st January 2019

Today embarks the ‘most depressing day of the year’ – Blue Monday. We hope to raise awareness of Durham County Council’s #HAND campaign launching today, as a positive contrast to the negative messages normally associated with the day.

In 2017 alone, almost 6,000 people in the UK took their own lives. Their response as an organisation was a social media campaign to promote acts of kindness which will be witnessed by over 6,000,000 people from the North East and beyond.

History of the campaign

The 2018 Suicide Awareness Campaign reached thousands of people and saw Wellbeing For Life sharing videos and messages across social media whilst also taking time to tie The Samaritans messages of support to bridges across the North East. 

The platform for message delivery was shared with countless others who had done this before.

#HAND – Have A Nicer Day

The hashtag is a symbol used across all three major social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This campaign utilises an (until-now) unheard-of hashtag for a new acronym #HAND “Have a Nicer Day”.

Social media users are encouraged to share acts of kindness they have witnessed or created themselves using the hashtag #HAND.

What message does it encourage?

The message from the campaign creators and owners is “If you’re wanting to make a positive change in your life: be it, get out more, feel healthier or connect to your local community, visit us at Wellbeing for Life, we’re here to support and motivate you to happier and healthier lives.”

The vision for this project is to showcase how little things can make big differences. They added, “if you want to make a big difference in your life or the lives of others then we are waiting to hear from you”.

How do I get involved?

Discussed above, you can get involved by sharing your good deed for the day, followed by #HAND on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Here are some examples - “I even hoovered the rug” #HAND, "I let him win" #HAND, "I smiled even though I hated the jumper" #HAND.

What else can I do?

Engaging in physical exercise is proven to improve our mental state as it releases endorphins which are used to fight off stress. Sign up here for your free day pass here - https://www.lifestylefitness.co.uk/free-day-pass