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Get the most from your yoga workout

07th September 2016

Yoga is so much more than an exercise class that you struggle to fit into your already hectic life. Yoga is a mindset, belief and lifestyle that will keep you in shape, but more importantly give you the energy and gusto to face the pile of unopened letters on the kitchen table, the mountain of ironing that’s built up or the monstrous task of picking up your teenager’s clothes from a bedroom that resembles a mysterious, undiscovered land!

We’ve compiled a list of top tips, to help you get the most from your yoga workout and keep those positive vibes flowing all week long.

Leave your worries at the door
Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase! How true. Unfortunately, these days a lot of people have very stressful jobs and lives and this can impact greatly on your yoga practice. It is very important to try and slam the door shut on any niggling worries so as to not let your practice be flooded with internal chatter. This is your time to reenergise yourself and de-stress, so tell those worries where to go. 

Don’t run before you can walk
You may think that you can nail the one handed tree pose or wounded peacock, but chances are they’re much harder than they look. Be sure to know your own body and if you’re not comfortable with a pose, then skip it or ask for a alternative until you’re confident you can do it right. The last thing you want is to end up injured because you’re trying to copy the guy in front who makes it look so effortless.

Don’t forget to breathe
If you’ve not yet become a fully fledged yogi, it can sometimes be really easy to forget the most important thing you need to do during your class - breathe! While it may seem a silly thing to mention, you’d be surprised how many people forget to do it whilst furiously trying to master poses and remember exactly what a Chaturanga Dandasana is. Remembering to inhale and exhale will keep you balanced and grounded and allow you to fully experience and appreciate every moment in your practice. In short, learn to channel your inner Darth Vadar.

Listen to your inner voice
You may think that you need to listen to every word your instructor says, but in fact your instructor is really there as a guide. We love yoga because it allows us to really connect with our body and mind, so whilst you’re pushing yourself make sure you take your time to listen and respect what your body and inner voice is telling you and follow your own rhythm.

Tune everyone else out
The class will be full of people at different levels, no yogi should feel like they are being watched or judged by others. It’s really important to remember to stay focused on your own practice. This is your practice, no one else’s. Know your own limitations and imagine it’s just you in the room and definitely try not to think about how it is physically possible for the girl next to you to be as bendy as she is.

Be grateful
There’s nothing like a yoga class to help you be thankful for your many blessings in life. It is a chance to really appreciate the things that you can sometimes take for granted. Your attitude of gratitude will infuse your practice and help to ensure that what you’ve achieved in class will stay with you long after you’ve rolled up your mat and walked back into the real world.

Don’t forget that like anything, practice makes perfect. You need to commit to yoga in order to reap the benefits. Don’t get disheartened if you can’t master a pose straight away, you’ll get there and soon enough you will start to notice your body changing and your mind becoming clearer, so enjoy the ride.