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05th April 2019

Get your shades on, and trainers at the ready – summer is fast approaching, and NOW is the perfect time to get walking!

Why are we saying this? Because today is international “Walk to Work Day” so to celebrate we’re discussing five important health benefits on why you should walk or bike to work.

Read our list below, and state in the comments – do you walk or ride to work?


Five key advantages -


It’s the most efficient way to get some exercise – Whether it be in the morning or evening. Incorporating exercise into your workday can always be a struggle, so why not include it in your commute if you can.
Right frame, right mind - It will prepare your mental state for a demanding workday ahead or a frantic evening. According to a 2013 study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, walking outdoors through green spaces can put the mind in a meditative state.
It’s quicker than you think -  A three mile powerwalk could only take around 45 minutes, as it does for our Lifestyle Fitness blogger Dawn Little and she adds that if you “pop your headphones in - you’ll be on your way in no time”. Still not convinced? It must be better than having to endure the rush hour traffic?!
Better well-being -  Struggle to concentrate in work? Walking creates higher concentration levels. Researchers at the University of East Anglia found that people who substituted their modes of commuting from driving to walking or cycling experienced greater well-being, specifically an increased ability to concentrate - feeling under less strain.
Encourage others around you - Changing your habits can encourage your co-workers or partner to follow suit – according to a Penn State University study.


Is your commute too far to walk or bike to work? Download our FREE Day Pass, to incorporate exercise into your day and improve your well-being.