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18th May 2018

Getting fit for your wedding is not just about 'looking good', but feeling more healthy and comfortable in your own skin.

Training during this time can also act as a stress-reliever, during the stressful months of planning.

Our PT's have put together these top tips for how you can prepare for your walk down the aisle!

Graham Lawson – Weight Loss Coach

  • Resistance train 3 times per week as a target. Cardio based work can be brought in alongside as and when needed.
  • Prioritise whole body weight training sessions. Pairing lower and upper body exercises can work incredibly well.
  • Eat a cupped handful serving of protein with each meal (e.g. meat, poultry, dairy, fish, tofu etc).
  • Keep fibre intake up! 10g per 1000 calories as a base guideline marker. Eating a cupped handful of veg or fruit and a chopped handful of grains or root veg with each meal is an easy example.
  • Stop caffeine intake after 1pm and prioritise good sleep and recovery. 7-9 hours per day is a good guideline marker. Remember the only time our bodies will adapt is when they’re at rest, not when we are actually training. Don’t neglect recovery.

Nicole Benson – Personal Training and Sports Massage

  • START EARLY- Don’t leave it to the last few months and expect miracles. Increasing fitness and reaching your goals takes time and doing it healthily is important. 
  • LOVE YOURSELF- You are all beautiful brides and grooms already, don’t have it in your head that you “must be skinny/ripped to feel beautiful and your best on your wedding day”. If you have a goal, make it realistic and meaningful to you but don’t obsess over it or it’ll become unhealthy mentally. 
  • SET FITNESS SPECIFIC GOALS  Don’t set a vague goal of “I want to lose weight”. Set a specific target for your fitness rather than your figure. That will come along with it regardless. Aim for reaching fitness and weight lifting targets rather than a number on the scales or tape measure. Use “I want to be able to run 3km in a month” rather than “I want to lose 3lbs this week”. 

Matthew Thompson – Weight Loss and Fitness Coach

  • Calorie Deficit – A calorie deficit (taking in less calories than you are burning) is essential for weight loss so this needs to be met for any weight loss to occur.
  • Protein and vegetables need to be the main focus of your meals where possible.
  • Focus on being as active as possible outside the gym. Think about keeping your steps as high as possible.
  • Follow a resistance training programme that has progression. You want to start with low volume that is still beneficial to ensure you can progress it as the weeks go by.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Plan your nutrition, training and goals in advance to give yourself more than enough time to achieve it before your end date.

Jacob Crane- Personal Training

  •  Give yourself enough time- Its no good starting a diet or training 4 weeks before your wedding. Now depending on where your starting from and where you want to get to will determine how long you should give yourself, for most people I would recommend around 20 weeks, but a minimum of 12 even for the fittest of people.
  •  Get that diet sorted out- Everyone's probably heard the saying "you can't out train a bad diet" well for the most part that's true. if your really serious about getting in shape you need to watch what you eat. I recommend a calorie controlled diet where you don't exceed your total calorie allowance for the day. For example someone's maximum calories for the day could be 1200, its then their job to ensure they do not overeat or weight loss is going to become impossible. Stick to whole foods like vegetables and meats with controlled carb intake of low Glycaemic index foods such as rice, potatoes and greens.
  •  Get an structured exercise programme- Following a personalised plan or hiring a personal trainer is a way of guaranteeing results if all the protocol is followed. If you know exactly what your workouts are for the week and it's all wrote down for you then its so simple and easy to follow. You don't have to put any thought into it you just turn up and follow instructions and you get the results you want. Too many people turn up to the gym without knowing what they're doing and they end up wasting their time and having an unproductive workout.
  •  Stay consistent- The amount of people who start a diet and training plan and actually finish it is only a very small percentage. Most people will start a new regime and even say its "easy" for the first one or two weeks. But as soon as they have passed the will power soon fades and old habits creep in and they end up failing. However if your desire to really get the body you want is high enough then you will succeed. 
  • Don't expect too much too soon- A lot of people can be disheartened very quickly if they have been good for a few weeks and haven't lost weight. They say things such as "why am I even bothering" and "I'm wasting my time". The body is very complex and weight loss isn't a linear thing, its not as straight forward as eat good lose weight. Some weeks you might drop 3lbs and the next you could put on a pounds, even if you kept everything the same. This can be due to many reasons, but regardless you've just got to keep positive and keep working as in the long run there will be a significant weight loss if you stick to it.

Ultimately you want your wedding to be an enjoyable experience. Training during this period can help you feel stress free in the run up to your wedding and leave you feeling fabulous for your big day!

If you would like to speak with our one of our PT's to create your wedding fitness plan, please speak to a member of staff in club.