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From fat to fit

15th August 2014


My name is Abbey Blackburn.

At my heaviest I was 19 stone - the challenges were not even being able to walk without stopping to catch my breath. Looking in the mirror at myself getting bigger and feeling how am I ever going to lose this now.

Being a 'big mum' to Elliott and worrying I will lose my boyfriend Zac was my motivation to start on my fitness challenge!

  • I can now chase my little boy Elliott around the garden and not feel out of breath
  • When I go out with friends I am no longer the 'fat one'
  • I can run 10k and I'm so so proud of that.

The enjoyment I get from exercising and feeling that buzz is just amazing!

I have been a member of Lifestyle Fitness Stoke for just over a year and have achieved amazing results - thank you, thank you, thank you...

Abbey Blackburn