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Feel good fitness

21st December 2015

Kelly Glass a member of our Carlisle club talks to us about her incredible weight loss with Lifestyle Fitness. Kelly has lost a whopping 8st 3lb since October 2014.

"The gym was a huge part of my weight loss. It's the only gym in Carlisle I felt comfortable at, and the large range of equipment available is amazing.I have set several goals. Losing weight was my first goal for 2015. I used the cross trainer and stepping stairs machine a lot, I have recently gained the confidence of running too and ran my first 5k on the treadmill a few months ago!

Its all a lifestyle change now. When I'm not at the gym I countdown until I'm next going! I also had to change the way I looked at food. This included healthy eating, counting calories, lowering bad carbs, upping protein but still allowing treats.

Weight loss is so hard at the beginning but so rewarding. My goal is to tone up in 2016. It'll be a total different thing for me because I'm used to just doing cardio. I can never go back to how I used to be now, I've never felt better about myself."