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Exercises to get you ready for football season

12th August 2019

Finally, football season is BACK! Football requires strength, speed, agility, endurance and explosiveness. It is imperative that every muscle is worked and when athletes deter from this, it often results in injury.

How do we achieve all these qualities in one workout? Follow our workouts below to ensure you’re ready for football season!

Upper Body Workout

40 second rest between each set.

Flat Bench Press (5x5)
Incline DB Press (5x5)
Rows (5x5)
Shrugs (5x5)
Military Press (5x5)

Lower Body Workout

40 second rest between each set.

Squats (5x5)
Front Squats (5x5)
Deadlifts (5x5)
Leg Curls (5x5)
Calf Raises (5x5)

Full Body/Explosiveness Workout

40 second rest between each set.

Push Press (5x5)
Power Cleans (5x5)
Snatches (5x5)

Acceleration/Agility Workout

Warm up with a 5-minute jog and dynamic stretching to prevent injuries.

3x10m Sprints (1x1)
2x25m Sprints (3x3)
2x20m Uphill Sprints (2x2)
4x20m Shuttle (4x4)

Need somewhere to train? Use our free Day Pass to practice these workouts at your local Lifestyle Fitness gym!