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#DryJanaury – are you taking part?

10th January 2020

In January millions of people give up alcohol for a month in aid of the charity Alcohol Change UK to encourage a better relationship between your body and alcohol.

Alcohol Change UK state “A month off is the perfect way to reset your relationship with alcohol” and according to research 72% of people who take part in Dry January are still drinking less six months later.

What are the main benefits? Read below to find out, as well as our top tips on staying motivated!

New Year, New You: January is the perfect time to stop drinking as it sets you in the perfect position for the rest of year! Knowing that you can cut down for a month will enable you to control your drinking longer-term.

Numerous health benefits: A month off drinking alone lowers blood pressure, reduces diabetes risk, lowers cholesterol, and reduces levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood.

Save money: Last year during January 88% of participants that signed up saved money, allowing you to recover financially from the Christmas festivities!

Control: Drinking less proves that we don’t need alcohol to enjoy ourselves, or to wind down and socialise - urging more insightful decisions towards drink consumption.

Goodbye to Christmas calories: Lose those Christmas calories, as 58% of last years participants lost weight during Dry January – meaning less time spent at the gym!

Our top tips

Track progress: Register your details at drinkaware.co.uk or download the Dry January app to log a no drinking day and keep you driven throughout the month.

Find an alternative drink: Drinking is often a stress reliever or a habit, so replace your normal favourite with an alcohol free alternative - check BBC Good Food for inspiration.

Join the gym: Regular exercise will keep your mind focussed, and act as a deterrent for any temptations - it will also release those feel good endorphins! Click here to download our free Day Pass to workout at our facilities (subject to location).

Be the designated driver: If you’re going out for a catch up with friends down the pub or to a restaurant, drive instead of drinking and getting a taxi. Establishing yourself as the designated drive will give your friends another reason to support you!

Change social activities: If the reason you’re drinking is to socialise, then change that to a social activity that doesn’t heavily involve alcohol. For instance, swap the pub for the movies!