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Darlington PT Shares Her Own Transformation!

08th January 2018

Anyone can have their own fitness journey... one our Darlington PT's shows how she lost inches in time for her Wedding Day!


"A couple of years ago I hit a low point. I have always been a petite person, but the comforts of life took its toll. My weight had shot up, I was self-conscious of every part of my body and my confidence took a serious nose dive. My clothes were no longer fitting, and everything was a squeeze.

Later on I got engaged at Christmas time and something inside me just clicked, I had to do something about it. Every girl wants to look their best on their wedding day and something in me had to change. 
After trying on multiple wedding dresses and hating the majority I finally found ‘the one’ I was still self-conscious and squeezing into it. So I decided to set myself a goal to lose five inches from my hips to fit into the perfect figure hugging size right for me.
5 months later and 3 months before the wedding I had lost five and a half inches and way over a stone. The weight was coming off and I was becoming more confident every day.

No fads, no silly diets, and no extreme measures. I upped my fitness game, classes, running and weights. I also created delicious and healthy meals that other people could enjoy and not just myself!

As a Personal Trainer its now my turn to help other people gain back that confidence and look and feel amazing on their big day. I have learned first hand what the journey is like and ready to pass on my experiences to clients.

If you're soon to be a bride and wanting to look and feel great on your big day then get in touch with me at nina@sackreefitness.com or 07837245558 and book a free consultation!"