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Darlington PT challenges Coast to Coast

25th January 2017

Victoria, one of our Darlington Personal Trainers is taking part in Coast to Coast in order to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome... read her story:

"Hi Everyone

My name is Victoria and I'm a Personal Trainer at Lifestyle Fitness Darlington and a Nurse at North Tees Hospital.

I'm doing the coast to coast challenge (Whitehaven to Sunderland) for a little girl called Nell on the 16th - 19th June. This will be a extremely hard challenge for me over a 3 day period,  but it's nothing at all in comparison to this medical condition.

Rett syndrome is a brain disorder that occurs almost exclusively in girls. After birth, girls with classic Rett syndrome have 6 to 18 months of apparently normal development before developing severe problems with language and communication, learning, coordination, and other brain functions. Early in childhood, affected girls lose purposeful use of their hands and begin making repeated hand wringing, washing, or clapping motions. They tend to grow more slowly than other children and have a small head size (microcephaly). Other signs and symptoms that can develop include breathing abnormalities, seizures, an abnormal side-to-side curvature of the spine (scoliosis), and sleep disturbances.

Nell has a tough time everyday of her life but she never lets this get her down she's always smiling and is always a pleasure. I met Nell when she was just a baby on ward 15 when looking after her in my second job role as a nurse.

My aim is to rise as much awareness as possible for this syndrome and to donate all money to Hope4Nell. We have set this page up to keep you up to date on the fundraising that will be taking place near and far in the next 12months. The funds raised will go to help towards a Tobii Eye Gaze that will allow Nell to learn and communicate through her eyes. As well as helping the ongoing research in finding a cure for our little girl and all the other girls suffering with Rett Syndrome.