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Darlington Member Loses 4 And A Half Stone!

11th October 2017


Our Thursday transformation goes to one our Darlington members, Julie who has been training with PT Jordan Hanratty over the past few months and has made huge changes to her life and her body. After losing an incredible 4 and a half stone, she has shown commitment, motivation and determination throughout her journey!



"Fantastic transformation from my client Julie over the past few months. 

Consistent training has brought the consistent results by losing weight and losing inches each and every month. And by consistent she hasn't missed a session since I can remember. 
Dedicated with the nutrition plan each and every month. She has still been allowed cheat meals which fit in with her daily macros and a drink on the weekend when necessary. Knowing you can have a treat on a weekend can keep you progressing through the week! This is needed to help maintain your focus and motivation in the long term. Sticking to a strict long term diet is always the best way forward! 

Overall results amount to over 4 and a half stone lost in weight and a huge amount of inches lost on overall body circumference measurements. Not to forget the change in mindset towards training and nutrition. These results are now easily maintained after the transformation has been done in the correct way. No fad diets, no meal replacements, just consistent training and eating the correct foods!

Well done Julie!"

For more information on PT training with Jordan, please contact him via his Facebook page!