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Charity Challenge

09th October 2019

Running throughout October, Charity Challenge returns for the first time since early 2018. To complete, members must partake in 12km of cycling and 120 minutes of exercise on the treadmill. Over the whole challenge, 1200 calories need to be burned which can be arranged with staff on other cardio machines.

Taking part in the challenge can be easily arranged in your local club, but remember it needs to be completed by the end of October. Make sure you ask a member of staff to log your progress, we don’t want any of your hard work being lost!

We are running this in aid of the charity Centrepoint, who use the proceeds to assist homeless young people shape a positive future. When completed, members will receive a free Charity Challenge t-shirt and we will donate £5 on their behalf.

Want more information? Contact your local Lifestyle Fitness gym and they’ll be able to offer further assistance.