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Incredible Transformations From Carlisle!

27th October 2017

Daniel Howlieson

"Seriously proud of this guy right here. Daniel Howlieson approached me for a diet plan to get ready for his summer holiday about 6 weeks ago. He has just passed his half way mark with me and the results of his efforts are outstanding. His sheer determination to diet and train at the level that he does whilst working full time has really inspired me.

It just goes to show that if you want something bad enough in life and really really work hard and believe in the end result that good things are going to happen. The past couple of days I have put him on a re-feed - whereby I shifted his calories out of a deficit and increased his carbohydrate intake. In turn boosting his energy levels and really filling out the muscle.

If you are looking to lose a bit of weight or would like to put on a bit of muscle then I would love to help you."


Barry Haden

"It has been a pleasure teaching Barry so far. His strength and mobility has come on leaps and bounds since day one where he struggled to even get to parallel in a squat. Look at him now!

So far he has managed to get his body fat percentage down by 13.4% - a phenomenal achievement in such a short space of time. His goal weight is within reach and he is more driven than ever. Never a dull moment training this guy, he’s always up for every session.

Positive, outgoing and a friend, looking forward to our next session."

Some fanastic results from two of our Carlisle members! If you're looking for a new PT or looking to start your own fitness journey at our Carlisle club, please contact:

Andy Jackson:

CALL: 07719987717

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EMAIL: andyjaaack@gmail.com

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