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How Lisa Balances Motherhood and PT Sessions!

04th August 2017

Matthew Thompson PT

Matthew shares his clients story and how she transformed her life as well as her body shape through PT sessions and support from LSPT!

"Client progress!

Being a mother coupled with having a job would bring forward many limiting factors for a lot of people and result in them telling themselves they 'can't' get the results they want.

Well not for Lisa!

She hasn't complained about limitations, said she can't do this or that. She has listened and taken action.

Consistently working on and nailing her training and nutrition she has deserved to be proud of the work she has put in and the results she has gained from it.

She even had the luxury of having 'relaxed weekends' With 'cheat' meals and social events (even if I told her they were sometimes 'too relaxed!)

The right picture was taken a few weeks into starting our fitness journey, the picture on the left is the latest. 

Having lost fat, gained some lean muscle leaving her with more definition and being the lightest she has ever been even in her twenties! She has mentioned how happy she is with the results and how she feels. 

And so she should be!

It gets better... having followed a nutrition and training programme designed for her she has been left in a position that will allow her to maintain these new found results and then continue in whichever direction she wishes depending on her next goal."