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Carlisle Member Drops 3 Dress Sizes!

06th October 2017

Our Carlisle PT shares his clients PT transformation story and like most of us, it has been a bumpy process but the end results are incredible!

Here’s what Iain has wrote..

“I do love a good success story...

The pictures below are of Sarah, she approached me for help after trying and failing with what sounded like every diet under the sun.

She wanted to lose a bit of weight as she had a wedding coming up, I'll be the first to admit there was a couple of bumps in the road, but we got there!

When you are dieting, there are times when you will need reassurance that you're on the right tracks, a lot of changes are happening that you can't even see and dieting takes time, especially dieting and ensuring the weight stays off.

You need to trust in the process and be willing to commit, the results speak for themselves.

2 stone and 3 dress sizes later...”

Fantastic work from both Sarah and her PT, Iain Martin!

To get in touch with information and PT queries, contact Iain on https://www.facebook.com/IainMartinPT/