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08th June 2018

Well done to our Carlisle member Kiki for this amazing transformation, working with our PT Iain Martin- Weight Loss and Strength Coach!

"I met Kiki roughly a year ago, from meeting her until now she has achieved some very impressive things. Our first encounter was a chat about getting to know how to use certain bits of equipment, what exercises were best for what and some general nutrition guidelines. 

From there we started having regular sessions together and I noticed that Kiki was strong! Regardless of what weight it was or what exercise Kiki was performing, she could move the weight with ease and could coordinate her body extremely well. The original goal was simply to lose a bit of weight and to become comfortable in a gym environment, I think it's safe to say that those goals have been hit... and then some. 

During that time Kiki has lost over 6 stone! Is currently back into a weight loss phase after taking time off dieting and the weight is continuing to come off at a nice rate. She has also built an incredible amount of muscle within that time, it's obvious by her new build and by the amount of weight that she can now lift.

Since Kiki was extremely strong, hard-working, and loved being in the gym throwing weight around, I mentioned that she should look into powerlifting competitions to see what she thought about them.

Well, that was it, she was hooked. She went through a full comp prep which resulted in her taking the #1 spot! 

Kiki and I still work together now, weight loss is still occurring at a steady, controlled and she is also prepping for her next comp at the end of June. I hope I've managed to put into words just how much of a trooper you are!"