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25th April 2018

“The picture on the right is me a few years back, sitting around 67KG. I was quite chubby, had loose fat and just didn’t feel good about myself at all. The problem with being chubby but not fat is everyone tells you that you don’t need to lose weight. 

I started to eat healthily, all I’d eat was chicken and rice at the beginning. I thought that was the key to losing weight and gaining muscle, surely it had to be, everyone on Instagram done it.

I stayed the same and didn’t lose anything, wondering if it was anything to do with the amount of rice I consumed. I probably tried about 5 different ways of ‘healthy eating’ but none of them worked, because I always ate too much ‘healthy food’.

Iain then introduced me to calorie counting and weight training, I counted my calories (on and off to begin with). The more consistently I tracked what I was eating, I’d notice that my body was changing the way I wanted it too, I was losing fat and could start to see muscle. The scales still didn’t move at all though.

My body changed a lot between these two pictures, I’ve been consistently tracking my calories for a couple of years now and I’ve been resistance training most of that time too. I imagine you’ll be shocked to know that there is only 1KG (2.2lbs) between those pictures.

I sit around 66KG on the scales now on average, but my body confidence is higher than it has ever been! I barely even track scale weight anymore!

I also gained a bum in the process and for that I’m grateful that I never lost weight.

Don’t always focus on the scale, losing 10KG won’t make you happy if you don’t look and feel how you want by the end!”