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Canterbury Member Shows Why Girls Should Lift!

15th June 2017

Most girls/women stay away from the weight section at the gym in fear they will get 'too bulky', our Canterbury member, Rach shows us why that isn't the case! 

Our Canterbury PT, Leon shares his client's story and how benefitical it is for girls to start lifting weights at the gym!

After coming to me looking to strengthen her VMO, get stronger but hating the gym environment Rachel Marsh has become a beast in the gym.

This #wonderwomen has become stronger, has more definition, 'Boulders' to be proud of and her confidence is through the roof! 

After not liking the idea of stepping foot in the weights area Rachel now owns it!!! 

Pushing herself through a range of #LBF training programs she is looking in great shape and can't wait to get to her cut phase of her program. 

Rach has come such a long way, crushed every challenge in her way and she still wants to push her self further by entering her first competition!!!! 

Accomplishing all this is an achievement but managing to smash her goals whilst being a mum gives her the title #wonderwomen! 

This girl definitely lifts!!! #Strongnotskinny!  


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