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Huge Transformations Happening In Canterbury!

13th October 2017

PT Leon, shares more of his clients excellent fitness journeys and how the support and motivation from a PT can really change someone's life, confidence and body shape! For more information on his PT training or to start training with Leon, contact him on:
Leon Baker Fitness

Rachel Marsh

As a Personal Trainer myself I fully believe in the value of 'having' a Personal Trainer which is why I chose to train with Leon. To push me in my workouts, take me out of my comfort zone and give me full support with my training and nutrition.
Leon is not only a professional in giving a great work-out but our sessions always give me the positive mental benefits I need as well, with his motivation, encouragement and positivity. It doesn't matter that during our sessions there's some sort of weaknesses exposed as I turn up grumpy, or stressed or I'm trying to challenge a new exercise I've been given, Leon's friendly nature and professionalism as a PT always makes me determined to finish strong. 
We laugh, we chat,  I grunt... but sessions are always totally focused on my end goal, a great workout and moving me towards where I want to be with my body, my health and my fitness! 
It's important to feel totally comfortable with your Personal Trainer and with Leon you can guarantee that! 
Top Trainer!


Hannah Luckhurst

After having two babies close together and a wedding coming up I decided to ask Leon to help me loose some weight and improve my fitness levels before the big day! He has made me feel at ease, comfortable and been really encouraging! I have noticed the results after only two sessions. He has even helped us by writing us a diet plan. I would definitely reccomend him to anyone. 



Jo Ryan 

I would not hesitate to recommend leon to  anyone looking to tone, lose weight or just increase their fitness, I've done all 3! I  was apprehensive about training with Leon, I thought my age and fitness levels would go against me and I'd never manage a workout. I was wrong, I took a leap of faith and signed up and in 7 weeks along with watching what I eat I've lost over 1 stone and a few inches too, and the added bonus is that my fitness levels are improving. If your looking for a trainer choose leon!

Rachel Pearson

I started at the gym in January and although i was enjoying it there, i didn't have any variety when it came to the exercise i was doing. I attend Slimming World also and i am working towards my goal weight.
Then about a month or two after joining then gym i met Leon. I found him to be really friendly and approachable and we discussed the option of Personal Training.
I decided to do a taster session which i really enjoyed and with Leon's enthusiasm i felt i would benefit from some sessions.
I have been overweight since a child and found exercising scary and going to the gym could be daunting. Leon ensured that early on we tackled this an he gave me varied sessions and also kindly made me a personalized program to stick to.
Before Leon did this i was working all parts of my body and found myself knackered every night with no energy for the next session.  Now with his advice i find i am being much more sensible and using my energy in the right way. Some aspects of training have been challenging but instead of shy away from them and with Leon's support and encouragement there is no such word as 'Can't'! I also find Leon to be a great listener and he is helping me to gain confidence and not be so hard on myself. 
I have now lost 11st and i am working towards my target weight.
I would highly recommend LB Fitness and if i can do it anyone can.