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Manchester Club Hosts A Cadbury Gym Class!

10th July 2017

Cadbury is bringing it's Jaw Gym class to our Manchester club tomorrow, Tuesday 11th July to mark the launch of the brand new Dairy Milk Big Taste Peanut Caramel Crisp!

Hosted by Capital's DJ Roman Kemp, there willl be a 45 minute unconventional fitness class consisting of an intense jaw routine! After a high intense full body session, working from station to station, you will get to sample chocolate bars at the end of the workout!

Host and Jaw Gym Class instructor Roman Kemp says: “I think training your jaw for such a flavour-filled bite is about both physical strength and mental preparation. I am used to talking all day, every day for my radio show so I am, basically, the best person to host this as I can draw upon my own daily experiences and routine. Throughout the session I will guide participants to train their mind for the task ahead and help them build their bite so their jaw is in the most best shape possible – and  we can all enjoy the delicious chocolate together at the end of the class.”

Spaces are limited so make sure to sign up for the Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Jaw Gym Class at our Manchester club at Cadbury@golin.com

See everyone there!