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Meet Britain's strongest woman

07th July 2015

A weightlifter from the region has been crowned Britain's Strongest Woman in the middleweight category.

Ms Todd, who has recently started work as as a self-employed personal trainer at the Lifestyle Fitness gym in Hartlepool, said her best event was the farmer's walk which involves walking with two heavy bars carrying a heavy weight, cutting deep into the hands. Lifting a dead weight had torn her forearms open. "It's something you really have to commit to," she said. "I used to do it for a aesthetic reasons, to look athletic, but now I build my career around it. I would like to be the world's strongest woman."

To be trained by Britain's strongest woman at the Lifestyle Fitness gym call Ms Todd on 07795 566 775 or log on to facebook.com/JennyToddPersonalTraining

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