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Braving the weights!

03rd October 2019

Scared of the free weights area? Gym intimidation is a real thing, especially for women, with over 58% feeling like they're being judged on using equipment the incorrect way in the gym - according to a study carried out by fitness.

This is especially off putting for people who are wanting to get into weights but are too scared. Using weights brings many benefits, such as increased strength and improved muscle tone.

Remember everyone starts from somewhere, so we’ve got some top tips for you!

Think ahead

Plan your exercises, then you can recognise the steps needed to be taken. Don’t go in extremely hard, research well and plan simple exercises at the start to build up your ability. YouTube and various work out apps are a great place to start, as is asking personal trainers for advice (ours are great!).

Bring your headphones

Pumping yourself up to a playlist of your favourite songs before a workout will instantly uplift your mood, eliminating any doubts in your mind. Studies show high-energy music can help increase effort and stamina during exercise, even vigorous workouts feel more fun. Follow our company Spotify account for various workout playlists to get you in the mood!

Seek advice

Newbie? Contact a member of our team for an appointment or for more information on our PT makeover programme. This is a complimentary service, so ask the instructor as many questions as you need, they’re here to help you after all! Using this service will allow you to get your bearings around the gym and familiarise yourself with the equipment.

Find a gym buddy

Finding a training partner can make gym intimidation much easier to overcome, and facing this fear together will make the process a lot less daunting. It can also be helpful when trying out new exercises, as pushing each other will push you both out of your comfort zone. Not signed up? Come down and test the facilities on a Free Day Pass here (subject to location).

Timing is crucial

Braving it alone? Entering the gym during an off-peak time period will boost your confidence levels. You will be able to work out in the free weights area at ease, without having to face the hustle and bustle of the 6pm rush.

Most importantly, keep in mind that although you might feel that people are watching you, they will be too focussed on themselves to take notice. The first time is always the scariest but follow these tips and it will feel like home in no time!